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    on the right

    • Airport 15 minutes
    • City center 10 minutes
    • Shopping center Usce 7 minutes
    • Business district in Milutina Milankovica Street 3 minutes
    • Sava River 7 minutes
    • Delta City Mall 4 minutes
    • Business district - Airport city 2 minutes
    • Three primary schools 2 minutes
    • Health institutions 2 minutes

    What does
    a day of living with a soul look like?

    The first morning coffee on your terrace, in your apartment. Fresh pastries in the bakery just a few steps from the building entrance. Breakfast in the park before training in the fitness centre. A kiss, saying goodbye and going to the kindergarten. Walking to the garage and driving only ten minutes to work. Returning to SOUL 64 right in the centre of the complex.

    Buying gifts, walking along the shopping promenade, making final preparations before someone's birthday. A celebration at a favourite restaurant with friends and neighbours. Exclaiming "Honey, I'm home!" and preparing for a light and peaceful night, protected from traffic noise.


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