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    • Airport 15 minutes
    • City center 10 minutes
    • Shopping center Usce 7 minutes
    • Business district in Milutina Milankovica Street 3 minutes
    • Sava River 7 minutes
    • Delta City Mall 4 minutes
    • Business district - Airport city 2 minutes
    • Three primary schools 2 minutes
    • Health institutions 2 minutes

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    The more humane the environment, the more it can meet your needs, and this is the life envisioned in SOUL 64. Following the "five minute city" concept of Western European metropolises, the idea is for tenants to satisfy all their needs in just a few minutes within the complex.

    Food for the soul in the most modern restaurants, a fitness center, a swimming pool and a gym for a healthy and active body, shops and a large central park as a real paradise for the eyes and a rested mind, and other quality amenities are available to the community where everything is just a few steps away.

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